Case # 1

A Case of Depression:           Patient’s name: Sakeena Bibi

                                                           Age: 70 Years

It is a case of October 2008, just a few months after the earthquake that a young boy entered the clinic and said that my mother has a problem of goiter since 3 years. She herself starts laughing while talking and cries without any reason. Doctor advised operation of goiter and has given anti-depressants but all in vain. And now these medicines are not working. Kindly give some of your time for examining her so that we can bring her to you.

   Next day an evening appointment was settled. When the lady came she herself started laughing and after some time she started crying. In symptoms the major one was that her son’s marriage was against her will and she disliked her daughter-in-law and the in-laws. She couldn’t express this openly and just after that she suffered from goiter. She liked to laugh out louder. After keeping in notice the symptoms’ a dose of ignitia 10M was given at that time in clinic. More medicine was prescribed for 10 days. After 7 days she again visited the clinic and her goiter vanished away and she was holding her grandson. This miracle can only occur by homeopathy that it alters the behaviour,likes and dislikes. Man is crown of creation and assistant and there is no such disease whose treatment is not possible by Homeopathy. One moment of joy is enough but people don’t know how to live.

Case # 2

Addiction of Opium and Opium:       Patient’s name: Rameez Khan

                                                                        Age: 28 years

Through a friend’s reference an OTA of Ayub Medical Complex Abbottabad, came for treatment. He told that he had been taking tea at a friend’s home for a couple of months. His friend put something in the tea and he had become addicted to that tea. After that he went to Ayub Medical Complex for treatment they had advised him tranquilizers. He had been taking those medicines for last 6 months, but now the problem is that he could not get happy and cannot express grief and anger. He is living like a machine. His life seems him to be meaningless. He suffers from severe constipation and feels addiction all the time. Under such conditions he was given a dose of Opium 1M and along with some other medicine and was asked to visit after 10 days and said that after eating one dose he was unable to take medicines further because he have had severe and consistent vomiting. After which he felt into sleep for the whole week and now he was feeling completely well. His feelings of addiction were completely gone. From that day till now he is my friend and I am writing this case after his informed consent.

The drugs that are prescribed for mental treatment in Allopathy are made of opium, and the same drug was given in the tea and it belongs to Narcotic family. After diagnosing I pointed towards the Opium. According to the homeopathic law of similar the patient was cured.

Case # 3

Attack of asthma and Arsenic Album:      Patient’s name:Unknown

                                                                                  Age: 18 years

I was standing at a medical store in Sara-e-Salaah that suddenly a young boy ran towards me and started accusing the doctors and asked for my help. I asked what the problem was. He said that my sister has been in critical condition since last night and after giving her the injection she gets relief for 15 minutes then again she had a kind of asthma attack. Now I have come to get a van to take her to the hospital in Haripur. Whole family is tensed is upset and I am also mentally disturb. There was a friend who run allopathic medical store and was a student of homeopathy, said that Sir, kindly have a look onto the patient. I went to their house with him. The house was full of women and there was murmuring here and there. The patient was an 18 years girl who was walking with her mother’s support and was taking deep breaths. On her bed 4 pillows were placed because she was unable to lay down and this cause shortening of breath.

After observing her the remedy was obvious and clear. Brought Arsenic Album from friend’s store. 3 drops were added in lukewarm water and were given to her. After 2 minutes her respiration went smooth and she laid down easily. After 15 minutes second dose was given and was advised to stop the treatment. The girl’s brother was astonished that neither injection nor any expensive medicine and with just few drops the patient was cured. This is the Excellency of Homeopathy. The boy apologized for accusing doctors and served of tea.

Case # 4

Camphor and Camphor Tablets:        Patient’s name: Mushtaq

                                                                          Age: 22 years

In one summer night I returned back to my flat and found a letter near my door by Respected Qazi Muhammad Saddique in which he told to take care of a patient and said that as soon I get the letter I should visit the patient in Ayub Medical Complex, and asked about him. It was almost 11:00pm at night. I reached hospital asked about the patient’s condition and came to know that the patient had a fight with his brother. The boy did not said anything to his brother but instead mixed 6 tablets of camphor in water and drank it and since then he was in coma. Doctor’s said to pray now. Angitube was passed to the patient and was catharised. Nutrition was given to the patient through injection which were hepatotoxic and itself damages the liver.

Blood flew out in the patient’s urine. Next 2 days patient’s condition was same. Third day the boy’s father who worked on lath machine, came to Abbottabad and said:

             Friend Ejaz, take away my life from me but atleast my son talks to me just once and I will pay any price for it.

I said if you give a chance to homeopathy your son will be good again but the condition is that any interference will not be accepted. Send all other people home and you stay with him alone at night and I will bring the medicine. In doctor Dolat Singh’s Practice of medicine for curing the poison of Camphor, Camphor has been suggested. 10 drops of Camphor Q were given through mouth. After 5 minutes the patient had greenish vomiting and the on duty nurse gave him injection of Stimitil to stop the vomiting. After an hour again 5 drops of Camphor were given to the patient. After half an hour the patient started vomiting again and it stopped itself. Mushtaq was given the last dose at 2:oo am .The very next day at 1 o’clock when I communicated with Mushtaq’s father he was distributing sweets in ward. After staying in coma for 8 days mushtaq gained conscious. Where allopathy could not do anything for patient there according to the law of Similia, the completely scientific homeopathy, healed the patient. Afterwards for stopping blood in urine Terebinthina Q was prescribed. After 7 days the patient went home and is cured till this day. He is working in Karachi with his father on lath machine.


Blood flow from uterus:             Patient’s name: Zaryaab

                                                              Age: 38 years

A woman, age 38 years, was suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, fibroids and its complications like hemorrhage. After failing of all the allopathic medicines she approached me. The blood flowed only at night. After observing all the symptoms a dose of Suphalanium was prescribed. During an hour after the intake of the medicine the blood flow stopped and on third day

She went for ultrasound and fibroids disappeared. The patient did not have the same problem.

Another patient who had abundant blood flow was prescribed 3 doses of Melefolium CM after every 15 minutes. Patient was curd by the evening.

Case # 6

Feelings of weight and Sepia:        Patient’s Name:Farzana

                                                                   Age: 30 years

A woman of 30 years of age came for treatment. Very frank personality with freckles along with feelings of weight in downward direction as if everything will fall down. After observing her attitude and symptoms a dose of Sepia CM was given to patient. Patient was cured within 10 days. She was mesmerized by the magic of homeopathy.

Case# 7

Uterine cysts/ fibroids:           Patient’s name: Unknown

                                                          Age: 42 years

A man in Karachi who worked on the stall of sugarcane juice, his wife had fibroids in uterus. The lady doctor advised her operation after the ultrasound and also asked for many thousand rupees which they couldn’t afford. They visited my clinic through an old patient who later on became my friend. The lady’s age was 42 and was depressed and had poor economic conditions. The lady was prescribed first with the dose of Thuja 1M and then Faxinus Amricana Q ( 10+10+10). After the treatment for 2 months an ultrasound showed no cysts. His husband gave me good wishes and regards and I cannot express my joy.


Leukoria and sulphur:              Patient’s name: Zareena

                                                           Age: 46 years

One day our neighbor came to our house and asked my wife to give her some medicine. Her appearance was pathetic; she wore dirty clothes, long and filthy nails and was hell talkative. She had changing moods and had burning in feet. Allergy, leukoria and little menstruation. 10 o’clock in the morning a dose of Sulphur 1M was given. She again visited in afternoon at 12 o’clock the leukoria stopped. Disease whatsoever the major thing is prescription of medicine according to the symptoms and the patient is cured.

Case # 9

Paralysis and Sulphur:         Patient’s name: ZarGul

                                                        Age: 68 years

At 6:00 am in the morning a parado stopped at our door and door was knocked, on opening the door I saw some people standing on the door step and there was a patient along with them. I was informed that the patient had paralysis and that they came from Khar, the capital city of Bajor Agency. There were no prominent symptoms but the patient had the belief that he would fall down that is why he held onto the things. Taking Mayazum as basis, a dose of Sulphur 1M was given to the patient, along with Plumbo and Borax for a month. Patient was cured before reaching Bajor and they send each of their patients of paralysis to Abbottabad. This is homeopathy, where it saves much of our money and time it also cures the patient.

Case # 10

Nausea Vomiting of Pregnant Women:           Patient’s name: Nayab

                                                                                          Age: 22 years

Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy is common. Patient had taken all the allopathic treatments but all in vain. The allopathic medicines that are given for nausea and vomiting during pregnancy has side effects for both mother and the neonate. Patient’s husband said that I am tired of changing the medicines again and again. Kindly prescribe any homeopathic medicine. Patient showed irritability and anger on minute things. Due to frequent vomiting the body was weak. On these basis patient was given a dose of Camomilla CM. later in the evening patient’s husband said that she is fine and there is no more vomiting and nausea.